Mathematical Modelling

"Models help us approach the truth."


(May 2018, Wenjin Hotel, Beijing DataOpen Competition)

We won the first place in the Competition as a group of four people. Thanks a lot to other group members Wu Dian, Yixuan Wang and Zizhao Han. In this 7-hour-long competition, each team was asked to provide a model based on the provided dataset, discovering the major factors that influence the health of citizens in New York.

Hydrodynamics Seminar

(September 2018, West Building, School of Physics, Peking University)

I hold the seminar for hydrodynamics, where we have discussions about Ideal fluid, Viscous fluid, turbulence and other advanced topics on hydrodynamics. Thanks go to Yu Wang and Yuxuan Liu for all the support provided.

Numerical Computation Seminar

(May 2017, First Science Building, Department of Mathematics, Peking University)

I gave a talk on efficient numerical algorithms for finding eigenvalues and eigenvectors. Thanks for Zeyu Jia for inviting me to the seminar and all the orgranization things.